Build Your Own Backwoods Cabin

One-Room, Two-Room, Traditional? You Decide


Traditional Appalachian-Style Cabin



traditional Appalachian-style


The traditional Appalachian became popular during the 1700-1800’s and was preferred by many of the pioneers who settled the land. Some features of this style included a vaulted ceiling, exposed rafters, and a sleeping loft which was connected to the stairs located along┬áthe back wall.


…A traditional Appalachian-style cabin is easy to build and really looks good if built from squared logs. The traditional cabin is a two-story structure with a ground floor of 432 square feet and a sleeping loft of 216 square feet…



floor plan of a traditional Appalachian-style cabin


…The floor plan allows for storage room in the back of the kitchen/dining area or, if modern conveniences are wanted, a bath can be located there…


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