A House Amid the Forest with a Style All its Own

So Well Designed, It’s Destined to Be a Classic


Popularly known as the Wilkinson Residence located in Portland, Oregon and designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, it’s a perfect example of a successful collaboration between an architect and his client.  The resulting architecture is a masterpiece that is both in tune with its forest environment and an efficient layout carefully designed around the client’s requirements and tastes.


The house is designed to connect with the forest and is carefully planned around the trees, giving its occupant a view of the amazing landscape all around it.  Each room in the house makes full use of the wooded surroundings while the interior spaces provide the amenities and conveniences of a luxurious, well-appointed house.  Let’s take a look at the following photos to see how well conceived this house is, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Portland-based Architect Robert Oshatz has a repertoire of unique projects located around the American West that hold a striking relationship to their natural surroundings.  Without exception, the ‘Wilkinson Residence’ is located on a steep slope in a heavily wooded area.  The main living space is located higher up on the site residing amidst the tree canopies and accompanying wildlife and contains the kitchen, dining room, gathering area, built-in fixtures and fireplace all within curving natural glulam beams, copper-plated frames and large glass walls that use exterior foliage as a screen from direct sunlight and a large exterior deck that brings the user in direct contact with the treescape.


RESIZED Wilkinson 17

FINAL wilkinson_03

FINAL wilkinson_07

RESIZED Wilkinson 10

RESIZED Wilkinson 06

RESIZED Wilkinson 22

RESIZED Wilkinson 13







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