Two Homes – Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

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Like in other artistic media such as photography and painting, the opportunity and ability to pleasantly shock and show something totally unexpected will definitely draw tremendous attention and different reactions from different people.  Like these two quite extraordinary-looking houses that are both cradled between humongous rocks!  There’s something quite mysterious and uncanny about it, and a palpable sense of surrealism surrounds these two houses.  Getting past the amazement and awe, there are simple and rational explanation for it.  “La Maison du Gouffre” (the house between the rocks) was simply built that way as a natural shield or protection from the violent storms that occur in the area.  The second, Casa do Penedo (Stone House), was built as a vacation house on a small rocky island.  Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Castle Meur, also known as La Maison du Gouffre, is a charming cottage wedged between  two huge jagged rocks that has been drawing tourists to the otherwise quiet little village of Plougrescant, located in the department of Cotes-d’Armor in the region of Brittany, in France, since the 19th century.

The house has her back turned towards the sea, against which her owner sought to protect her by building the house in a cradle between the two rocks to shield her from the violent storms that frequent the place.

Casa do Penedo is an architectural monument between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, in northern Portugal.  It received its name because it was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house.

The engineer who built the Casa do Penedo was from Guimaraes.  The residence was intially used by the owners as a holiday destination.


Castle Meur/La Maison du Gouffre

Cote de Granit Rose, Castel Meur

Castel-Meur-France GOOGLE 02

RESIZED Castle Meur 03

RESIZED Castle Meur 06


Casa do Penedo

RESIZED Casa do Penedo 01

casa do penedo GOOGLE 02

casa do penedo GOOGLE 03

casa do penedo GOOGLE 01



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Artice and Image Source

Article and Image Source


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