200 Square Feet of Awesomeness

So Tiny, Yet So Cool


This 196 square foot house has created quite the hype among all the tiny home lovers out there, and when you look through these photos, you’ll see why!  9 Productions clearly has pulled out all the stops to make this little dream home possible.  Check it out!


Called Atlas, this house has been designed by the Longmont-based design firm, F9 Productions. The tiny house on wheels aims to bring together a number of elements to create a luxurious, comfy home while maintaining the freedoms of a travel trailer. The solar panels and rainwater harvesting/filtration system help to reduce Atlas’ energy dependence, freeing it of camp grounds and other places where you would typically be able to hook up your home. The exterior looks to be clad with seam metal, while the interior is finished in the warm tones of wood. The first floor contains a bathroom to the left-hand-side, followed by a small galley kitchen. The bathroom has a walk-in shower and toilet set up. The kitchen takes advantage of space under the stairs in order to create more shelving and a spot for the refrigerator.







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