5 Effortless Ways to Live a Cabin Life in Your Own Home

Instantly Feel that Cabin Vibe Without the High Cost


Cabin living is a concept that appeals to many, and why shouldn’t it? It’s simple, rustic vibe makes one feel in tune with all the elements of nature and not with the busy and harried world of living in ‘modern houses’. If you are the cabin type of person but can’t actually afford a cabin just yet, bring cabin life into your existing space instead. How? You can start with these ideas.



A piece of a wooden crate , some mismatched hooks, and a woven basket attached to the bathroom door makes a great holder for various items



An old fashioned toolbox placed on its side makes for a great towel holder too, or perhaps some of your knick-knacks and small stuff. Can be used as a storage for your spice jars as well



A wooden ladder and some planks as a shelf for that corner in your living room



Perfect for hanging towels and sheets when not in use



This is a great concept if you have stairs made of wood


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