500 Square Feet Of Glass and Wood

The Perfect Place to Escape…


False Bay Writer’s Cabin is designed to open up like a flower with four wooden petals that hinge to reveal a stunning glass escape. Located on the peaceful San Juan Islands in the state of Washington, the tiny well-furnished cottage has an inspirational purpose for meditation or writing. It can also serve as an ideal guest lodge of course, as there’s nothing to do here but relax. Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


This 500 square foot island cabin serves as a private writer’s retreat and guest cottage. The owners wanted a space that would feel totally connected to the natural landscape, allowing them to take full advantage of the mild climate, scenic views and the proximity to wildlife; at the same time, they needed the cabin to be easily secured when not in use. The cabin is basically a glass house surrounded by three wooden slat decks and topped with an inverted hip roof with deep overhangs. The interior of the space is essentially a single glazed room with a modest back-of-cabin area housing a small bathroom and kitchenette. Finishes are restrained, punctuated only by a blackened steel floor inlay that bisects the cabin.

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