$9000 Plus Dirt Equals Paradise?

I’ve Never Been So Curious Before…


This little slice of heaven was created out of dirt and some pretty exceptional skills, only costing a total of $9000 to the owner. While the structural design is extraordinary and of an odd dome-like shape, the interior has some good blend of colors and natural touches.  Check out the photos here, and you’ll see the incredible result of hard work and enthusiasm.


Steve’s friend, Hajjar Gibran, gave him his own spot of land on his family’s mango grove to begin the project. Steve and Hajjar did the planning, while Hajjar’s son-in-law provided some expert masonry skills to construct the base of the house. Since things are much cheaper in Thailand, the base for the house only cost about $6,000. While it may have been quick and cheap to build, make no mistake— this is a quality dream home. When he prefers to stay indoors, Steve can hang out by the large windows and gaze out at the scenery. I don’t think anything except the sweetest of dreams could be had in this bedroom. It might not be something that everyone could afford, but it’s crazy to think how much a house like this would cost elsewhere.








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