A Cool Collection of Salvaged Cottages

a Unique Village of Reclaimed Cottages


The Tiny Texas Houses initiative has been causing quite the stir (in a good way), and gaining plenty of attention since its execution.  But what is it exactly, you might ask?  Well, picture a distinctive village of little homes, all made from salvaged material.  That’s right, they’re paving the path to show others how to create inexpensive living structures through the reuse of old building materials that would otherwise go to the dump. Want to see how they all turned out?  Well, you’re in luck!  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


The Tiny Texas Houses on the tour are now set up in the first village that will be part of Salvage, Texas. Up to ten houses are shown, and each is much different than the last. For the moment we have a couple of especially great houses because they show us so much about how the space can feel much bigger than they are, and more comfortable than a big house does. The principles of creating Pure Salvage Outposts around the country as co-ops that house the materials many could gather, provide the space for many to learn and build houses that could then be moved to where they are needed, and thus create an environment where local resources could be turned into housing, revitalized communities, and a way for the downsizing generation to open the door to the future of our society to rebuild instead of collapse. Our dependency on imports and new resources from the planet will doom us to self destruction as we can not continue to import and throw away everything that was important to our ancestors.

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