A Small Mystical Cabin Amidst Pond And Trees

A Wild Fascination…..


This little abode referred to as “Totem” is what you might deem a perfect little magical home in the wilderness. It is surrounded by a mystical man made pond with natural shrubbery growing out of it. The cool little home also boasts an interesting and cute staircase to reach the bed upstairs and although its in such a wild location, it’s actually outfitted to be quite comfortable and livable.  Check out these photos!


Before the structure known as “The Totems” arose on this pristine riverfront ground, an early 20th-century pioneer’s cabin stood on that same footprint. But the two homes couldn’t be more different: One was cobbled together with simple survival in mind; the other designed with an eye toward the spiritual and natural echoes of the land, at the same time taking full advantage of every bit of craftsmanship that contemporary architecture has to offer. The log courses are a square profile, made of western red cedar; the totem poles themselves are cut from yellow cedar. The logs were scribed to interlock tightly without chinking, and large bolts and cast-iron washers decorate the oversized timbers. “A lot of modern timber framing uses hidden fasteners, but I would just as soon have everyone know what’s holding everything up,” Henry says. “You get a better feeling of how the design is working.” Large expanses of glass shed light on the diminutive floorplan without the use of standard windows. The home is like a Faberge jewel box—it continues to unfold and reveal surprises, if you take the time to look.






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