Adobe House Celebrates Santa Fe Style

Earthy, Rustic . . . and Stylish!


One of the architectural styles that best evokes casual elegance and laid-back appeal is the Santa Fe style.  Characterized with vibrant as well as muted shades of colors, rich texture and patterns, natural materials, weathered objects, and a lot of delightful contrasts, one thing is for sure: positive energy is a result.  For proof, check out this adobe house located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it’s evident that objects and furnishing from different styles come together flawlessly to create a relaxing and uplifting experience.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The magical Upper Santa Fe River Canyon is the setting of this authentic old world adobe home.  Traditional Santa Fe appointments of this two-bedroom, three-bath plus an office home include antique doors, viga ceilings, brick floors, lintels, adobe walls and two fireplaces.  The open plan great room has many enchanting features, including a wonderful and unique fireplace between the living and dining areas, a loft with a bird’s eye view that overlooks it and a one-of-a-kind tree branch railing leading to the office and bedroom wing.


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