An Urban Style Modern Treehouse

Breathtakingly Modern


While we have seen amusing little treepods before, as well as several awe-inspiring luxury treehouse designs, there’s something extra special about this one.  It’s an urban-style treehouse with a profound finesse of design, boasting eco-friendly architecture with a modern twist.   And even though it isn’t technically built in a tree, the little abode located in Berlin is indeed well-executed and undeniably unique.  Take a look through these photos and tell us what you think about it on our Facebook page!


The Urban Treehouse is a family project and is based on the initiative of the grandfather Hans-Joachim and his grandson Kolja, who ultimately implemented the project. Once more, it is conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune with nature. It is intended to serve as an oasis and inspire friends and guests of the family, as well as students and those interested in architecture. We were very enthusiastic when the developer, Kolja Stegemann, approached us with the idea of implementing treehouses in the urban environment of Berlin. Treehouses are normally associated with a rural environment or natural surroundings. Solid prefabricated five-layer spruce panels are used in the walls, ceiling and floor. The advantage of this construction lies in its structural and ecological qualities. These solid wooden parts have a high insulating quality, are breathable, have a high heat storage capacity and can be installed quickly and easily. The rear-ventilated façade consists of aluminum composite panels. Depending on the angle of the light, this can result in a vivid interplay of colour on the outer envelope of the buildings. The interior provides everything one could possibly need: a bathroom with a shower, a lightflooded interior featuring a kitchenette and comfortable bed, as well as some beautiful home accessories. When it comes to the wall and ceiling panels, the solid wood spruce panels have been left visibly in their natural state.












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