[VIDEO] Consider Downsizing for Greater Life Experience

Embracing the Simpler Life, but with Much More Value


There are a variety of reasons why people move to a smaller space. For Andrew and Amber, it’s all about living simply and having an adventure. The inspiring duo moved from a conventional home into a 1987 Volvo B6FA 6-Litre Turbo Diesel bus that they now live in and use to travel at the same time.

“We were wasting our lives going to work everyday, putting our kids in daycare all just to have a nicer car, comfier couch, bigger TV and flashier house. So, we have decided we want out. We want out of the prescribed life, we want to be free. Free to spend as many of the hours we have left together. Watching our kids grow up, having amazing experiences and truly living.”

The conversion took almost a year to complete; the effort is well worth it at the end. This humble self-renovated home-on-wheels is entirely self-sufficient and require the bare minimum to sustain.

The bus is fully solar-powered, with 750W of solar panels and a 630Ah 12V battery bank. The bus has a 250-litre (66-gallon) fresh water capacity and an additional toilet flushing tank of 80 litres so that the family can use non-potable water or greywater to flush. Rainwater can be harvested from the roof if needed. The bus engine can also run on recycled veggie oil.

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