Art or Overkill? These Log Stacks Make You Take Another Look!

These Pieces of Wooden Pile art can Take your breath away!


Art comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. And human creativity isn’t just limited to painting and sculpting. It can be found in, say — Log piles!

Take a look at these amazing forms of art that are made solely from pieces of wood and admire how some people can express beauty, even with a medium used to warm your home.




What better shape to pile your wood in than that of where it came from: A tree! This marvelous stack was made by Alastair Heseltine, a woodworker from Canada.




Something about a fireplace makes us go back to nostalgic moments of warmth, coziness, and a hot cup of cocoa. This design for a woodpile, however, would make it rather difficult for us to take out a log when the time comes!



With each log skilfully crafted and each unit placed with mastery, this wood pile comes together to depict a man. Simply wonderful!



A house shaped wood pile, complete with a car! Made by Olle Hagman.



This wood pile gives that exotic look with it’s crocodile theme. Careful, it might snap!


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