Artist’s Studio and Garden in a Backyard Transformation

Now a Space for Inspired Work and Entertaining


A house blessed with ample yard and garden should take full advantage of the space by creating an appealing visual and spatial connection between the indoors and the outdoors.  It’s hard not to feel great in a living room that has a nice view and easy access to a landscaped garden, versus a living room with just a couple small windows.  A good example of such property is this lovely homesite located in Presidio, San Francisco, wherein a family outgrew the yard which used to be the children’s playground.  With the help of a landscape architect, their yard was re-designed and transformed into an amazing garden setting with the old shed replaced with a structure designed as an artist’s studio.  To tie in with the garden, parts of the office’s walls have been grown with creeping vines and installed with large windows and patio door that opens out to the garden terrace.  In short, an abandoned yard no longer serving a useful purpose has been deftly re-invented not only as an office and garden but also as a place for the family to relax and entertain friends.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


 Who hasn’t dreamed of a backyard office in a garden oasis?  When this San Francisco family had outgrown their kiddie garden setup (complete with a lawn and zipline), they turned to landscape architect Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture to help make this backyard more grownup.  The children had gotten older outgrown the lawn and the parents wanted a backyard office and a tranquil zen location for the couple’s plants, so they decided to overhaul the backyard structuture which had once been the shed, and turn it into a lush garden studio, which is ticking all the boxes on our home workspace wishlist!  Filled with some of the owners’ favorite trees and with layered green and white plantings, the garden also backs onto a park.


RESIZED Parkside Garden 06

RESIZED Scott-Lewis-garden-2

RESIZED Scott-Lewis-garden-6-1020x610

RESIZED Parkside Garden 02

RESIZED Parkside Garden 03







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