As Polished As They Come

Extraordinary Design and Finish Work


While a lot of wood homes that we feature here on the Cabin Obsession website are inherently rustic, this one sure ain’t!  It’s about as polished and downright fancy as they come.  Located on Littlejohn Island in Yarmouth, Maine, this gorgeous abode is both spacious and stylish.  See for yourself!


At the end of a long dirt road on Littlejohn Island in Yarmouth, an X marks a pristine spot. Fieldstone walls slice through the wooded waterfront property, then dissipate into the landscape in smooth curves. On the ocean side, the stones form a steeper chiseled slope, echoing the ledge on the beach below. Roof peaks, angled this way and that, crown the masonry, creating the effect of cottages born out of existing rock walls—a pueblo concept with Puritan roots. On either side of the gravel driveway, mortared façades on the garage and freestanding “barn” approximate the kind of gap you might see in the old stone pilings that crisscross the New England countryside. Inside, brick reds and burnt oranges in the home’s antique Oriental carpets bring out the richness of the woodwork. In the great room, sage green and beige patterned upholstery provides subtle contrast while “pulling in the leafiness outside,” says Bergson. (Earth tones also make life with a pair of outdoorsy Italian water dogs easier.) Down cushions on the seating, rendered in generous rolled-arm shapes, keep things comfortable, and playful touches lighten the mood. In the den area off the kitchen, Kravet fabric decorated with Hopi kachina dolls appears on armchairs, pillows, and curtains, which dangle from a rod trimmed with spear finials; a silver papier–mâché deer head gazes out from the fireplace. There’s a stylized seagull motif on the Jenny Lee-Katz fabric bedding in an upstairs guest room. And in the tiny downstairs bar, Cole and Son wallpaper adorned with lanterns and gondolas turns the ceiling into a Grand Canal fantasy. “I like a pop of pattern in a small space,” says Bergson. “You can be more daring because people don’t spend a ton of time there.”












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