An Awesomely Peculiar Little Wedged Cabin

Odd but Beautiful…


Norwegian studio Lund Hagem created this unique little gem in Sandefjord on Norway’s south-east coast.  The little paradise home sits up against a rocky mountain, and it was designed such that you can walk up the side of the roof  to experience the breathtaking coastal views.  Gorgeous, but small, the concrete and glass structure has everything you need to relax, including a sheltered steel fire-pit outside to stay warm when sea breeze picks up.


This small seaside holiday home by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem nestles against a cliff, and features a stepped concrete roof that doubles as a viewing platform. “The project began as an idea for how to utilise a naturally sheltered area surrounded by large rocks and dense vegetation,” said the architects. The roof slopes up from the ground and angles to join the rock face. Steps cast into the sloping plane lead up to a flat surface at the top, which is framed by slender balustrades so as not to obstruct the views. A concrete bench extends along one side of the patio and through a glass wall into the small residence, which also has concrete floors and is warmed by a wood-burning stove. An oak sleeping platform is suspended from the ceiling, above the small living space and a bathroom at ground level.








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