Be Amazed as This Homemade Log Bench Beautifies Your Garden!

Build This Awesome Bench Yourself!


Ever looked around garden and feel that something’s missing? Have you been thinking of ways of adding beauty to your little lawn? That unused space by that wall could use some filling up, you know, and the perfect decoration can do wonders for your green space while really complementing a comely feel in your garden.
How about a log bench? It’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s pretty, and it promotes that cute, cozy vibe that completes your home. Plus, it’s great for those lazy mornings or evenings when you can enjoy the scenery that Mother Nature provides with over a cup of tea. Here’s how to build your own, cute little log bench with a few, simple resources and tools which can be generally found in your own garden shed.

First off, the materials you would need are some logs, a mechanical saw, a drill, and some large screws. That’s all. And if you have some logs laying about in your garden, that just makes it better!
Cutting the wood into the right proportions and sizes is simple but extremely necessary. A whole log cut into two horizontally is required for the base and the back respectively, while two thin round pieces or rectangular planks are needed to support the back. A log cut vertically into two works great as a base.
Drilling the two small parts with the back piece and the base should keep that upper part stable and sized cuts or carves on the base log (horizontally cut) would be enough to hold the upper and lower portions into position.

Voila! One basic log bench is ready to find its place in your garden. And that too with simple instructions and minimal raw material. Now go relax on your new beautifully made possession. You’ve earned it.


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