Benefits of Log Cabin Living

What’s Your Reason For Wanting to  Live in a Cabin?


There are lots of benefits to living in a log cabin. Living in one offers a truly unique lifestyle experience, where you get to feel “warm and cozy” every time you walk through your front door. If you need a little reminder of what log home living has to offer, check out this list from the log builders:


#1 – History;

Perhaps your ancestors lived in a log cabin in the old days? This type of iconic home was built and enjoyed by many settlers and pioneers of different new lands, and some still stand today…


#2 – Individuality;

Would you want the same-old, simple, just-like-all-the-others home? Or would you rather stand out from the masses with something as rustic and stately as a log home?..


#3 – Glamorous Beauty;

Obviously, the rustic beauty of a log home is alluring enough to almost pull you into it by force. There’s just something timeless about such construction, and the natural beauty outshines homes built in the more modern, conventional way…


#4 – Contentment and Satisfaction;

You can have any kind of home that you’d like, and make it comfortable, but log home living is the coziest you can experience. Picture having your family over for the holidays, and sitting all gathered around at the fireplace after an evening meal…


#5 – Environmental Issues;

The insulative properties of log houses are perfect for keeping the interior cool in the summer heat, and warm in the winter cold. Not much energy is required at all for this, due to the log construction…


#6 – Insects;

Termite damage, winter-nesting bees, ants, spiders and so forth can infest any modern conventionally built home… but whereas most log homes are constructed of types of wood such as cedar, this would never be a problem…


#7 – Expense;

In the case of log homes kits, which by the way is how most log-built structures are made today, the expense of both time and money is drastically reduced. Construction time used to take many months, perhaps more than a year – but with pre-milled logs…, parts numbered in the order of construction, and all delivered to the construction site with most of the work done for you, building it can now take a mere few short weeks…


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