Between the Cliffs and the Ocean

Reconnect with Nature in this Ecological Dream Home


Designed by WMR Arquitectos, this wooden cabin house is the private weekend home of a German-Chilean couple, and a dream home for the rest of us.

In context to the 700 foot-high and 6 mile-long stretch of surrounding cliffs, Casa Till is alone in its habitat, with only one other neighboring home around, and it’s miles away.

Covering a tiny footprint of merely 100 sq. meters, the cabin rests lightly upon the arches of El Acro in Chile, with its open deck protruding slightly off the cliff as it peeks over the vast ocean blue. The shack is also kept low and stretches along its length to preserve privacy for the home, and an uninterrupted sea view for the travelers on the road.  Using local pine wood as the main building material, the skeletal construction was kept to a simple square grid of 3.2 meters. The 12 x 6 interior is solar powered and houses two bedrooms, one living, one dining and a kitchen.  The full-height perimeter glass opens the interior to the surrounding landscape and penetrating light and shadows that changes throughout the day as it seeps through the wooden trellis screens.

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casa-till (1)

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