School Bus Turned Cozy Home for Family of Five

DIY Bus Conversion to a Modern Home On Wheels


Before moving into this 40-footer bus they now call home, The Sullivans were living in a 2-bedroom apartment north of Seattle. They worked really hard to pay off the high rental prices and had little quality time together. The idea of a DIY bus conversion then crystallized as they looked for alternatives. The renovation took a year of weekends to complete and cost $25,000.

“Our initial aim was to be completely off-grid, but we also wanted all the common luxuries of a modern home. There was going to be a large battery bank behind the driver’s seat, and a large solar array on the roof, with multiple high-wattage inverters to feed our power-hungry arsenal of modern amenities.”

Arranged in a linear manner, the work space is closest to the entrance, followed by the living and kitchen area, then the laundry, toilet and bathroom, with the sleeping area at the very end. The central corridor is kept free for walking through while the kitchen counters, cabinets, couches and beds are placed to the sides. Curtains and sliding panels can be drawn to divide the rooms when privacy is called for. Built-in storage spaces designed to fit around the bus engines for space efficiency. With three children living in this mobile home, child-friendly details can also be found throughout the house.

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