The Birdhut: Amazing Tree House for Humans and Birds

Studio North’s Birdhut Welcomes Humans, Birds, and Other Curious Critters

The small mountainous village of Windermere in the Columbia Valley of British Columbia is home to a magical tree house called the Birdhut. Calgary-based design firm Studio North has been largely inspired by how birds build their own homes. As a result, the materials used to create the Birdhut were foraged from the area’s immediate surroundings. The lodgepole pines used to built the cross-braced, A-frame structure were salvaged from remnants of a recent forest fire. Furthermore, the platform and cladding were repurposed from an old cabin deck.

The Birdhut is lifted 9 feet off the ground. This makes for an experience of being in the the canopy of trees. The roof, reaching a peak of 20 feet about ground, is fitted with clear polycarbonate panels. The roof also acts like a greenhouse. Additionally, two circle windows allow for optimum ventilation in the 100-square foot space. A bridge connects the space to a stone path. This leads to a campfire site and a beautiful natural spring.

What makes the Birdhut all the more special is that it was designed to house a wide variety of nesting birds in the area. It can be a home to up to two people and 12 bird species in the vicinity.

“In addition to being an inviting place for people to nest, the whimsical facade has twelve birdhouses, each designed for various local birds that live in the mountains of the Columbia Valley,” said Calgary-based Studio North.

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Tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

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