Legally Blind Artist Crafts Unique Lamps from Cracked Logs

Letting the Light Shine Through


Duncan Meerding is legally blind. He’s also a furniture designer. Yep, you read that right – the Tasmanian-based designer only retains about 5% of his peripheral vision. But that doesn’t stop him from creating awe-inspiring pieces. His cracked log lamps are must-haves for anyone wanting decorative yet functional furniture that can add to a home’s overall charm.


…his most popular pieces are simple logs whose natural cracks emit soft, warm light…



…At his design school, he learned to adapt by feeling the grain of the wood and listening to hear when his chisels stopped cutting properly. He works with a speaking tape measure that he calls his “old mate”…



…“My work should not merely be seen as something that looks nice, it should remind us of our intrinsic connection with nature and the effect that we have upon it”…


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