Brilliant Solution to Make Shipping Container Housing Better

. . . It’s By HABODE


It’s already recognized by many that shipping container housing is part of the solution to a grand housing problem.  That’s why we see occasional improvements and out-of-the-box thinking to make it even more of an attractive option.  Here is one shipping container housing solution by “HABODE”, a company based in New Zealand.  Its concept that revolves around technology, functionality, aesthetics and style, further extending the benefits and practicality of shipping container as a housing option.  The inherent drawback – quite inflexible layout because of standard dimensions of shipping containers – is brilliantly worked out by “HABODE” by introducing a filler piece (for the kitchen and bathroom) which is sandwiched between two containers.  The end result – a more spacious housing structure that is transportable, relocatable and easily dismantled and set up again.  Find out more by looking through these photos.  Then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


HABODE buildings challenge everything we know about functionality and building techniques.  They embrace innovation in design and construction, by using blueprint that consistently produces exacting, high quality buildings without sacrificing aesthetics and style.

Much like modern manufacturing techniques  used in the automotive industry, the HABODE Prefab is constructed in a customized factory.

The principal advantage of prefabricated housing is that it potentially offers more for less :

  • More quality for less time at site
  • More tangible outcomes and less risk
  • More energy efficiency for less resource

Once completed in our factory and utilising the patented HABODE ‘fold-out’ system, your HABODE can be shipped and transported worldwide as in their shipping mode they are compliant with international and shipping standards with respect to dimension and structural characteristics.


resized HABODE 02

resized HABODE 01

resized HABODE 05 BORDER







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