Build Your Own Backwoods Cabin

One-Room, Two-Room, Traditional? You Decide


Now you’ve decided to build a cabin on your own, the next thing you’d want to do is make up your mind as to the design and type of cabin based on your needs. Will you be content with a small yet efficient cabin or would you rather have a bit more space? We’ve listed two of the more popular types to help you decide which one to go for. Of course, this is considering you’ve got everything planned out including the location, costs, materials… you get the idea.


Appalachian-Style Cabin (One-Room and Two-Room)



one-room Appalachian


One of the most popular (not to mention one of the oldest) styles in cabin building history, the Appalachian-style cabin was used by early settlers who had a large household to manage. These types of cabins can protect occupants from harsh weather all year and, during those earlier days, from raiding parties as well.


…The Appalachian-style cabin… the front door is usually in the center of the long side of the cabin and the ridgepole of the roof runs parallel to the front of the cabin. In addition, the porch is on the long side of the cabin and usually runs the full length. The porch roof may be separate or it may be a continuation of the cabin roof…



floor plan of a one-room Appalachian


…Most cabins of this type have a back door and a back porch similar to the front porch. This porch may be screened in to add more covered usable space to the cabin…



two-room Appalachian


…The two-room cabin was actually divided into four areas—a large living/dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a storage room. If modern conveniences were desired, the storage room could be made into a bathroom without much trouble. All interior walls were made of reverse board-and-batten…



floor plan of a two-room Appalachian


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