Building Your Own Log Cabin? Here are 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Sensible Advice for DIY Builders


Consider Full-Length Logs for Doors and Windows


Instead of log pieces, full-length logs stacked together and cut through for cabin windows and doors tend to be sturdier as they are backed the cabin’s full structure. This will ensure that doors and windows last as long as they should and won’t need to be replaced as often.


…I found that it is easier to use full-length logs, not pieces, in walls where doors and windows will be placed. After the logs have been notched and pinned to at least one course above the opening, mark and cut the rough opening. This lends stability to the wall and to the log as you are working on it…




Stick with What Works (for You at Least)


Cabin building certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds and like most DIY projects you’ll sometimes go through a ‘trial and error’ phase to find the best method. If you do find a process that works best for you, stick to it. Consult with some experts if you need to, but the best way to really learn is hands-on experience. As you gain more knowledge, so will your skills be more honed.


…There are a multitude of ways to build and not necessarily any “right” way. If your method gives you a result you like, that is all you need. Remember to work slowly, safely, and with joy in your heart…




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