A Cabin Getaway Deep in the Woods

A Perfect Respite from City Living


A lot of people have gotten so used to living in the city that they can’t imagine a way of life other than that.  With amenities, conveniences and services within easy reach, how can they be blamed?  It’s also easy to forget and put aside the more spiritual and emotional side of being human in a fast-paced, highly urbanized and competitive world.  So, sometimes the urge to get away from it all hits us.  This is a subtle intuitive reminder to slow down a bit, get your bearings back and spend some time to re-connect with your surroundings and with nature.  We have to give in to that longing – that need – to energize and renew ourselves.


The answer may simply be a change of scenery; say, a weekend jaunt to your summer house by the lake that you seldom get to visit.  Or maybe a  short stay in a popular secluded, close to nature cabin in the forest,  such as this one called the Little Bear, located in West Sussex, United Kingdom.  So take a look at the following photos, and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


This architect-designed woodland cabin near Billlingshurst is shrouded from the outside world by the kaleidoscope of wildflowers which fill the rainbow-hued meadow outside so guests won’t hear a peep from anyone other than the timid woodland animals who call this idyllic setting their home.  You won’t find distractions like television or Wi-Fi at Little Bear, allowing those in pursuit of a digital detox a deliciously luxurious haven in which to re-awaken their connection to nature and re-spark the simple passion which first ignited their romance.


Each area of Little Bear feels separate even though the cleverly-designed open-plan living area organically flows from one end of the cabin to the other.  The lofty king-sized sleeping area is bedecked in fine linens and faux furs to give a real ‘back to the wild’ vibe.  As beseeched by fable, the king-sized bed is not too hard and not too soft – it’s just right.  The beautiful bathroom area with walk-in shower (big enough for two) and heated towel rail give a real luxurious feel to this magical abode.


PAINT Exterior Perspective 4

PAINT View of Deck - Woodlands

PAINT Deck 620

PAINT Bedroom 1

PAINT Interior 1

PAINT Dining View 1 620







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