Cabin or UFO? And Is It Becoming a Trend?

 So Adorable and Weird


We’ve been seeing a lot of odd-shaped cabins recently, so perhaps this is becoming a trend and we are bound to expect more.  Who knows?  Anyhow, this unique little structure has landed near an old farmhouse in the village of Nussdorf, Lienz, Austria. It turns out to be an extraordinary vacation home, and since it appears to be a mix of a bird and a UFO, it has subsequently been named “Ufogel”.  The little cabin has minimal ground impact, and up above is fitted with a wood stove, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a sleeping area.  So, take a look at these photos, and then tell us what you think about this trend on our facebook page!  And be sure to watch the video on page 3 to really see it as a UFO!  (You’ll see what I mean!)


This asymmetric Alpine cabin by Austrian architect Peter Jungmann has been named Ufogel because its owners think it looks like a cross between a UFO and a “vogel”. Located on a grassy slope in the East Tyrolian village of Nussdorf, the small shingle-clad structure is a rentable holiday home that sleeps up to four people, but contains only 45-square-metres of floor space. A gentle staircase leads up into the main floor of the house, which features a small kitchen and a dining table that can seat between six and eight people at a time. Our exclusive and bizarre holiday house – Ufogel in the picturesque Nussdorf near Lienz has an unusual architecture. It is built on stilts and floating above the meadow in a peaceful and unspoiled nature. The smell of wood flows through the room. A generous, as the only access bridge-like connection to the seemingly floating building. Almost like at home standing in the entrance area with slippers. A stove with optional hotplate complements the kitchen and spreads warmth throughout the house. The cantilevered table can comfortably accommodate 6-8 people. Upstairs there is a spacious double bed in pine, which can be transformed into a bed when needed. Another, separate bunk offers the special recreational value for two



Ufogel-Holiday-House-by-Urlaubs-Architektur_dezeen_3 (1)










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