Casa Azul: A Bit of Paradise Along the Beach

Designed to Mirror Owners’ Friendliness


As a rule of thumb, a person’s home often reflects who we are – in our choice of furnishings, colors, decor as well as pieces of artwork that we place not only in the more private chambers of our house but also in the more social rooms, such as the living and dining areas, and the terrace or deck.  Now here is a house located near a beach in San Salvador, El Salvador, that takes that sentiment a step further.  The design brief for the entire house was to specifically reflect the owners’ friendliness and openness.  So for the house’s exterior and interior, rustic and modern go hand in hand to create a stylish and comfortable environment – sleek, contemporary and yet warmed by rustic materials, details and furnishings.  Now feast your eyes on the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The project has a total area of 4,000 square feet.  This includes an open plan living area, four bedrooms, a kid’s play area and plenty of storage facilities.  All rooms come off as breezy and spacious, with small interior gardens enhancing the overall holiday feel.

The family’s ‘island of relaxation and fun’ is a large outdoor area in the back of the house.  This haven comes with a large swimming pool, an area to play soccer, and extensive ocean views.


03 Resized COSTA AZUL 03

02 RESIZED Casa Azul 04

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05 RESIZED Casa Azul 07

06 Resized COSTA AZUL 04







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