Things to Consider When Choosing Timber Home Producer

This Can Save You Both Money and Time


Timber homes are evidently more attractive, cozy and dynamically stronger. If having a custom timber home built or produced for you is on your wish list, and you’re looking for a trusted builder, then this information might just come in handy!


No other building style offers the elegant appeal of timber frame homes. Their simplicity, symmetry and strength convey a timeless architectural grandeur. When you begin the process of evaluating producers, start by comparing fabrication techniques, fastening systems, wood species and a host of other details. In making your selection, be aware that the decisions should revolve around your needs as a home buyer. A timber frame can be created in a state-of-the-art facility where computer-controlled machines cut posts and beams within exacting tolerances. Another option available from some timber framers is recycled or salvaged timbers.



Know Your Options

You should also consider the geographic location of your producer. The distance from the company to your site may affect shipping charges. Many companies offer delivery and assembly of the frame anywhere within the United States, as well as other construction services.


Looks, Money and More

The style of timber framing may also dictate your choice of company. Some producers offer just the frame, others offer the frame and enclosure systems, and still others offer turn-key construction. Your choice will likely be influenced by where you’re building, the location of the producer, the availability of skilled labor in your local market and a variety of other factors, including your budget and construction schedule. Dream homes don’t happen without money. That’s why the cost of a timber frame home package is an important factor in selecting a producer.




Doing Your Homework

The first step in deciding on a timber frame company is to… call [potential producers that you’re considering] to request their brochures, plansbooks, catalogs or videotapes. You can also visit their web sites to gather additional information. Another option for narrowing the field is to explore educational opportunities and visit facilities in person. As you proceed in your research, note a producer’s ability to meet deadlines. A conscientious company will provide floorplans or price quotes when promised.


10 Common Concerns

1. Quotes & Estimates
2. Design Services
3. Deposit and Payment Procedures
4. Warranty Information
5. Company Reputation
6. On Schedule
7. Price Quotes
8. Legal Contracts
9. Insurance Coverage
10. Technical Information






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