Custom Mobile Home that Looks More Like a Regular House

Client Wants Mobility and Solidity


What images come to mind when you think about mobile homes?  Most probably it’s of those slender cookie-cutter metal boxes, or perhaps tiny cabins on wheels, portable prefab houses, or even shipping container houses that can be easily moved from one place to another.  In all of those mentioned, they are mostly small with a few exceptions where the envelop for each style and concept is pushed further.  Like this house designed by PAD Studio called “Forest Lodge” located in the district of New Forest in UK, it’s a custom mobile home built according to the client’s requirements and preferences.  One of which, paradoxically, is for the mobile home to not look like a mobile home, and that it should harmonize with the surroundings.  Just because a house is mobile does not mean it can’t look, and be, solid – like it stands firmly and securely on the ground.  The end product in this case is a house and interior spaces that are not only a joy to live in, but are stylishly contemporary, with hints of rustic design that relates well to its surroundings.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


In addition to its contemporary appearance, the home adheres to modern ideas about sustainable living. . . .

Large windows and glazed wall along part of the western face of the home break up its unstained chestnut paneling and make the home feel connected to the beautiful environment of its site.  The large glass panels provide natural light and draw attention to picturesque views.  Muted colors and clean lines used inside add to this emphasis placed on the outside world.


RESIZED Forest Lodge 01

RESIZED Forest Lodge 02

Rufus Lodge

Rufus Lodge

RESIZED Forest Lodge 03

RESIZED MobileHome New Forest 08







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