Decrepit Angular House Now a Sleek Modern Home

Open Plan and Split Levels Create More Space


Irregular lot shapes, angled walls, acute angled corners — these are some limiting features most architects find challenging to work with, which call for creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions that can make a house distinctive and innovative.  But what if the lot area is so small and triangular – with one 90-degree angle corner, and the other two, acute angles or less than 90 degree angle corners? To further complicate the problem, this Victorian cottage, located in Melbourne, Australia, was even too dilapidated to be habitable and yet so well-loved in the neighborhood and by the new owners, who wanted to retain a bit of the old house’s character and historic reference.  As you’ll see later, the newly renovated house is nothing short of amazing considering how spacious-looking and exciting the interiors and facade have turned out to be!  High five to OOF! Architecture’s deft handling and design of the project, and to the locality council’s move to allow the house 100% coverage of the property.  That meant no setbacks required from the property line.  OOF! Architecture conquered these limitations so brilliantly and came up with oh so attractive spaces, you would forever change the way you look at small, irregular shaped spaces.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Given such a tight block, the architect had to rethink the layout and detour from that of a conventional family house.  Living areas are spread over three split levels to house the basic spatial needs on the site.  The split levels are connected by a stairwell to create a sense of connection between levels in-spite of the level change.  The level changes also create a sense of privacy and definition without the need for internal walls, corridors and doors which would make the home feel smaller.

To . . . ensure the owners wouldn’t experience cabin fever, the architect created an internal landscape of lawn green carpet, hanging plants, a central aquarium stocked with fish and aquatic plants and plenty of natural light to every room.  Sliding doors open the living area onto a pointy, but generously sized balcony, turning the whole space into an outdoor room.



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