Distinct Interior Design Looks of a Ski Retreat

A House Designed For Entertainment


The one-of-a-kind interior design featured here is of a ski retreat house in Truckee, California.  It shows that sometimes it takes a bold stroke in design to make a definite and appealing statement that not only pleases the residents but also their visitors and friends.  And why not, since a home is indeed a good place in which we interact best with other people and fulfill our social needs to enrich our lives.  And since our home provides the best setting, the entire house – specifically the more social spaces – should foster an air of friendliness, comfort, good vibes, and also provide a subtle indication of who we are, our interests and the things we enjoy.  Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Envisioned by Antonio Martins Interior Design, the project was tailored to the needs of a bachelor and his many friends coming to visit.  A large open-plan living and dining area serves as the social core of the retreat.  According to the designers, each of the five bedrooms was given its own personality and theme:  the burlap bedroom, the log bedroom, the gray bedroom, the antler bedroom and the master, with a circular hanging chair offering views of the mountains.


RESIZED Tahoe Ski 02

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 03

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 05

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 04

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 08

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 09

RESIZED Tahoe Ski 10



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