You Don’t Have To Build A Tiny Home From Scratch

So, you can’t find that perfect little home no matter where you look, or you just can’t come up with enough materials or ideas for building a tiny home from the ground up? How about try looking not for a home, but for something you can turn into a home? That’s right because a couple saw a small school bus and they decided to convert it into a lovely tiny home for themselves.

Finding something you can convert into a home would give you a good head start, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time coming up with a floor plan because at least you’ll already have walls and a fixed space you can work with. When it comes to designing tiny homes, it can be quite challenging due to the limited living space but that’s where the fun is. In this case, the couple behind this school bus tiny home used what the bus has to their advantage; like how they made the wheelchair access door to double as an outdoor kitchen.

A project like this is also a great way to improve your space management, like learning how to make smart use of every inch and coming up with ways how to make furniture and other stuff have multi-functionality. A cabinet doesn’t have to be just a cabinet, such in this case where the couple’s rear storage also acts as a sort of loft for their bed space. It’s all about making every inch count and making every inch your own, then you can you can convert almost anything into a cozy little home.

“We had the Tiny House idea in our heads for quite some time,” they wrote, “but there was always the problem of where to put it; we didn’t want to be stationary. The bus gives us the best of both worlds.”

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