Does This House Really Use Less Energy Than a Hair Dryer?

Time to Find Out the Truth….


This extremely sustainable house does indeed use less energy than a hair dryer, and that little amount of energy is even enough to warm it up during the freezing cold months of Wisconsin’s worst. Beautifully colored with red from outside with bright window frames for contrast, this lodge looks like one from story books which is both cozy and alluring.  I guess it’s not just functional in terms of energy consumption…. it’s also quite beautiful!  See for yourself by checking out these photos.


Last year Wisconsin experienced one of its roughest winters in years, but Sonya Newenhouse and her family scarcely felt the affects in their German-certified passive house. While snow covered the ground and fierce winds whipped around the trees, this 970-square-foot home stayed warm using less energy than it requires to run a hair dryer! Despite exterior temperatures that hovered at 30 degrees below zero, interior temperatures averaged between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit – an extraordinary feat made possible by air-tight insulation, triple-paned windows and doors, and strategic passive design. The second thing you notice inside, apart from Sonya’s inspired interior design largely influenced by her Dutch and Finnish heritage, is how warm and airy it is – even as the temperatures outside turned decidedly cold in the last couple of days. Almost all of the interior furnishings have been either recycled, salvaged or sourced from sustainably-managed forests, including tiles made in part with ground up porcelain toilets, and the home conserves water, energy and space at every turn.










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