Fancy Building Your Dream Vacation Home on a Tiny Budget?

All You Need is Less


First, Kristie Wolfe built a 97 sq.ft tiny house in Boise, Idaho using mostly reclaimed materials and for a total of $3000. Originally planned as a yearlong experiment, living in the tiny home quickly became a lifestyle that Kristie enjoyed and wanted to share with family and friends.

Then, the idea of building a second tiny vacation home came rolling in.

A year after the initial down payment for the 0.5-acre land in the secluded rainforest of Kona, Hawaii, Kristie along with her parents made their way to building the fabulous tiny bamboo weekend home. Built over a period of two months on a land purchased at $8,000 off Craigslist, the vacation home in Hawaii was well within the budget of $15,000, inclusive of the $4,000 for logistics and transport.

This beautiful home is entirely off the grid and relies entirely on rainwater harvesting and solar energy. Everything is custom-designed and immaculately executed. The toilet and rock sink combo recycles the water used for hand washing to flush the bowl. There is also an adorable DIY handing bed that was made using a trampoline at the open ground floor for you to relax and soak in the sights and sounds of the lush tropical green.

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