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Prefab houses used to be viewed as good only for weekend homes, but not quite suitable enough to be anybody’s primary residences.  But prefab houses and their technology have come a long way since then!  Not only is it a good option for small houses but even also for houses meant to be used as a high-end primary residence.  Going through the designs being offered nowadays, you might agree that while a lot of them look as attractive as conventional houses; they also look as solid and as permanent too!  Budget friendly and a shorter period of time to build one are among its other many advantages.  The Avalon, shown here, located in New South Wales, Australia, is a prefab house that could be easily mistaken for a regular, built-on-site structure.  It’s created by ArchiBlox, an Australian-based company specializing in prefabricated modular houses. And it’s a beauty indeed…. with simple, clean lines, attractive massing of negative and positive spaces, and pleasing play of colors and textures.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Situated on a sloping site, the module touches the earth lightly and is elevated off the ground on structural posts.  With a size of 106 m2 the residence is minimal in size but grand in design intent.  The interior is composed with 2 bedrooms with walk in robes, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen, dining and living and storeroom.  A green roof sits atop of the structure, tying the built form beautifully back into the landscape.


01 AVALON Resized 15

02 AVALON Resized 16

03 AVALON Resized 06

04 AVALON Resized 08

05 AVALON Resized 04

06 AVALON Resized 05

07 AVALON Resized 13



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