Ecocapsule Delivers On Its Promise

Turning Your Microhome Dreams Into Reality

Our Cabin Obsession crew featured the Ecocapsule in the past and we were fascinated by this little egg-shaped wonder. It was more like a proof of concept back then. Fast forward to the present, the Bratislava, Slovakia-based Ecocapsule team have started with the deliveries of the first 50-units that were announced back in 2015.

With flair and finesse, the debut piece of Ecocapsule was delivered via a helicopter in one of the rooftop buildings in Bratislava, Slovakia. The video on this post will prove the success of this project. The first Ecocapsule dweller will enjoy a fabulous view, overlooking the city center and the Bratislava Castle.

Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable microhome. The shell is made of insulated fiberglass with aluminum framework. There is a wind turbine system and it can be raised at a height of up to 14.7 ft. Solar panels are also installed in the roof. A water tank and collection / filtration system is available with a functioning toilet-shower.

This creation can allow you to live off-the-grid in a sustainable, self-sufficient manner.

According to the company, this first unit will go to a customer in Japan. The rest of the 50-piece series are also available to order for customers in the U.S., Japan, Australia, and the European Union, with expected delivery this year. Each unit remains €79,000 (roughly $85,688). The company is still planning on launching a second series, with an anticipated increase in production volume and decrease in cost.

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