EcoPods: Balance Between Ecology and Tourism

Tourists and Locals Both Winners


The ever-growing global population, and the safer, faster and more convenient ways we can travel from one country to another have turned pristine and untouched places into popular tourist and vacation destinations.  To promote both socio-economic endeavors and ecology, a vacation and tourist spot in the Azores Islands (way off Portugal’s west coast) carried out a successful reconciliation of both, with these structures known as EcoPods.  These structures, with a low environmental footprint, seamlessly integrate with the local environment and provide temporary abodes for visiting tourists.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


John Stenton, an architect involved with TADA, Tourism and Agribusiness Development Company of The Azores, wants to avoid the kind of ecological and socio-economic decline that usually accompanies such a sudden, unplanned influx of tourism with a network of low-impact solar-powered EcoPods designed to uplift local landowners.  “We recognize a window of opportunity to develop a network of pop up eco-resorts using locally-sourced  materials, skills and resources to provide high quality, environmentally and economically sustainable tourist destination.”


01 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

14 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

11 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

08 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

10 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

02 RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods

13 B RESIZED John-Stenton-EcoPods



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