Exotic Shed of Glass And Wood in Brazilian Forest

Casa na Mata: House in Bush


Casa na Mata is a little rectangular shed located in the Brazilian rainforest of São Paulo, designed by Nitsche Arquitetos. This inspirational cottage is composed of recycled wood and boasts a minimal effect on the surrounding. The appearance of the shed is entirely vintage, and the aged interior of the cabin is sparsely furnished. It makes an awesome combination with the leafy environment; and the glowing lights at night makes it all the more alluring. Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


We imagine this “primordial shelter”– a volume of 4.8 x 12 x 2.5 meters, 70 cm above the ground – completely inserted in the open woods. The volume is built with a recycled wood structure (peroba – apocynaceae tree – fine quality wood), presenting its surface with signs of prior constructions. The inside floor and closing are made of industrialized wood panel coated with cemented plates; the ceiling is made of panel sandwich with waterproofed wood and OSB wood based panels. This shelter construction, as it is, presupposes the use of industrialized components, allowing fast and accurate assembling. Besides this sort of constructive depuration, we wished to create a volume, whose materiality – specially because of double skin – would make room for different understandings of the house insertion in the nature, always considering its mimetic features and its adjustments to whether variations.

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