[VIDEO] The Fab Lab House: For Anybody, Anywhere

An Interesting Bold Concept…


This award winning design is a completely distinctive concept of educating the public about an easy and affordable way to build with simple materials and meanwhile utilizing renewable energy.  It’s called “Fab Lab,” and it’s here to blow your mind.  The large wooden structure made of plywood looks a lot like a big weird animal.  And the inside is raw, chic, and sophisticated.  Scroll through these photos, be sure to catch the video on the last page, and then tell us what you think on our facebook site!



The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) designed the Fab Lab house as their entry into the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe. The goal of all the houses in the competition is to disseminate among the general public the benefits of using renewable energies, especially solar energy, at home. The Solar House is a new generation FabLab home whose goal is to not industrialize but allow any person to manufacture anywhere in the world, from the platform of Fab Labs, or fabrication laboratories.The production methodology of the house is founded in a structure fabricated from common materials sourced globally (plywood panels, etc.), and in the use of locally found machinery (laser cutting and/or milling machine). It is definitely a very affordable housing solution, designed with a combination of simple construction, geometric sophistication and technological wealth, both in its creation as an energy system as well as in the active and passive management of the house. The Solar House can comfortably accommodate a family of 4 within 75 m2 and this makes it possible to fabricate and build the entire dwelling under fifteen days. The Solar House’s aim is to reduce the projected cost ,with further development, to make it more market viable.The IAAC has considered the project from the viewpoint of material efficiency, customization and cost reduction, proposing a customizable home that is very affordable, to the extent it will also reduce overall production costs. The Solar FabLab house not only has a rounded shape that allows for maximum internal volume with minimal exterior surface but is elevated off the ground upon three ‘legs’, in order to create a space under the house for the development of certain outdoor activities.











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