Farmhouse Renovated to Fit Owner’s Lifestyle

. . . Now a Home Truly Enjoyed!


Houses do get old, just like people.  And oftentimes they undergo renovation to extend their usefulness or to adjust to the new requirements of the owner.  More so if the house is not big enough for a growing family or for the growing interests of the occupant, like building a collection of things he or she enjoys.  And instead of building a bigger house, or moving in to a more spacious one, expanding an existing one is sometimes a more attractive choice.  Here is an example of such a beautiful  transformation through a renovation which had been contemplated for quite a long time before it finally got carried out.  Find out how beautifully the make-over turned out by looking through the photos, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Inspite of an extensive renovation, this 1820s petite Cape in Vermont still maintains a petite footprint.  ‘The house is quite small by today’s standards,’ says Pi Smith, the project architect.  “All of the spaces we designed are working really hard.’

The client had owned the home for 15 years, dreaming of and planning for a kitchen renovation for every one of them.  While she waited,  she filled her barn with collections in anticipation of the day they would rebuild, storing vintage plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, cabinet hardware and antique tiles, among other things.  ‘Our client has a big interest in all kinds of design and has a really good eye; the project was a wonderful collaboration.’

Between creating storage solutions, squeezing as much functionality out of each inch as possible, letting in natural light, creating outdoor rooms, planning around the client’s beloved collections, this is one smart and dramatic transformation.


RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 03

RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 01

RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 05

RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 06

RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 17

RESIZED Antique Cape Norwich 18





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