Find Out Why This House Cost Him 4 Years in Jail

Seriously, the Tallest “Wooden Cabin” ?


Proudly built by a Russian Gangster, the Sutyagin house is a 13 story high building termed “the world’s tallest wooden cabin” in Archangel, Russia. Sutyagin calls this the eighth wonder of the world a happy accident as he did not intend to build it this way, but his curiosity and dissatisfaction led him to continue building this weird masterpiece.


For the one-time gangster who built it, it is nothing less than “the eighth wonder of the world”. The less charitably disposed dismiss it as a glorified barn, fire hazard and eyesore. But on one thing everyone agrees: Nikolai Sutyagin’s home is certainly different. The house that Sutyagin built is also crumbling, incomplete and under threat of demolition from city authorities determined to end the former convict’s eccentric 15-year project.

When Sutyagin began work on his dacha in 1992, he claims he was only intending to build a two-storey house – larger than those of his neighbours to reflect his position as the city’s richest man, but certainly not a contender for the Guinness Book of Records. “When I went to prison I was a millionaire,” he said. “Now I’m penniless.” Sutyagin, 60, lives in four poorly heated rooms at the bottom of his wooden skyscraper with his 32-year-old wife Lena. What is left of his fantasy is slowly decaying around him. Even so, it remains a remarkable architectural feat – especially given the fact that Sutyagin built much of it himself – that defies easy description. Sutyagin vows to win and has erected a roof around the second floor that he says allows him to claim that everything above is purely decorative.



Remains of the house





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