[FOR SALE] DIY Tiny Homes by Kanga Room Systems

Small, Stylish, and Easily Built


If you’ve ever wanted to own a tiny home, Kanga Room Systems can help you design and build your dream house using prefabricated, and convenient DIY systems. Located in Waco, Texas, the company has been building prefabricated structures including cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage buildings, and playhouses for over 30 years. Below is the Kanga Cottage Cabin, a beautiful example of KRS’ design work.

The company boasts that every building is “Made in the USA,” and “our watch words are: Quality, Integrity, and Vision.” The company seeks to be eco-friendly while supplying many choices in style and keeping the buildings “aesthetically appealing.”

The one shown here has 480 square feet inside, but it feels really spacious due to the high ceilings and white walls. Woodwork on the floors and ceilings of the whole house make the place feel warmer and homey. The living room has a sofa, small table, and several other chairs, making it a nice and cozy place to stay. The kitchen is equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, range and sink, with a hanger for pots and pans that free up a lot of space. The bathroom uses black and white tiles on the floor, differentiating itself from the rest of the wooded materials used around the house. The sink has a black counter top with a cabinet underneath for storage space. There is a ladder which leads to the loft that has storage built in behind it. The loft of the cottage also serves as the bedroom, with wooden rails for safety as well as other possible hanging storage or decor options. Anyone that’s ever wanted the perks of owning a tiny home, but are lost on how to go about getting it done, these building kits could easily be your best bet! Take a look through these photos and don’t for get the watch the video on the last page. Tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!













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