[FOR SALE] A Classic Gem Up in the Mountains

A Cabin’s Best Fitting Environment

This cabin is a true classic! It was built in 2006 for a single family, in a lot reaching almost one acre. It consists of two bedrooms and one small bathroom. There’s also a living and cooking area, plus a loft.

Since it’s a cabin in the mountains, it’s all about that view. Luckily, they’ve thought about that, and installed large windows which face the mountains. Or you can just get an even better view of them from the deck! It’s a win-win situation.

Located with 2 miles of the northwest entrance to GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, (GNP) and 5 minutes from the Polebridge Mercantile and Northern Lights Saloon, this all-season cabin is surrounding by thousands of acres of state and national forests, with numerous hiking trials and alpine lakes and campgrounds.

You can have all of this for only $249,000. The home is also available to rent for $250/night. If you’re interested in renting it or viewing an open house, contact Bob and Linda Nelson at:

Bob: 608-469-4676 [email protected]

Linda: 608-469-8754 [email protected]

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