[FOR SALE] This Montana Log Home Has it All

Nothing is Perfect, But This House is Pretty Close

If log homes are something you love, then get ready to enjoy! This top-notch, luxurious home provides a spectacular character throughout. It might not fit to everyone’s liking, but nobody can deny how well put-together it is. All the way from the entrance, through the yard and up to the main and guest house, everything falls into a perfect pattern.

All of the structures, inside and outside, are made out of a combination of wood and stone. Some other materials are noticed throughout the interior, but it’s kept at a minimum. There’s quite a lot of decor, which is, mostly, very nature oriented. The four bedrooms and bathrooms are kept in a simple layout, giving them a nice clean feel.

The adjacent Lodge was built to entertain large groups and includes a full kitchen, bar, dining area, expansive covered outdoor living spaces with grill, granite counter space, large professional smoker and more.

The house is located on a very quiet location in Gallatin Gateway,Montana. There’s a lot of space around the house, and a river runs right behind it. It’s a pretty luxurious way of living, and stands for sale for $7,000,000. Do you think it’s worth it?

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