A Forest Dome Perfect for Glamping

Camping in Style and Comfort


There are a lot more reasons to go camping these days now that glamorous camping, or “glamping,” is rapidly catching on.  That’s why more and more people are including glamping in their list of outdoor activities for family bonding and nature-tripping.  Not only avid campers find this a big positive change in camping, but also those who used to be averse to camping out and other kinds of outdoor recreation.

Glamping takes the rough edges out of traditional camping, such as discomfort, danger, safety issues and other negative things campers had to deal with and suffer in the past.  That’s possible with structures that push the limits of outdoor temporary habitation or shelter.  It provides a comfortable haven for resting, relaxation, shelter from rain, and even a good night’s sleep after hours of outdoor adventure.

And now you are about to see an interesting and futuristic-looking domed structure designed specifically for glamping.  Located in Woodridge, New York, it looks straight out of a science fiction movie.  It’s like a cocoon, a sanctuary and a big inflatable bubble suit all rolled into one.  And yet it fits perfectly in its pristine, back-to-nature woodland location.   Learn more about it by looking at these photos, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!

The dome is an incredible “Glamping” space and guests are required to BYOBed.  Bring air mattresses, camping air pads, sleeping bags, pillows and towels.  There is a wooden floor in the dome and screen windows for airflow and to keep out bugs.

For an extra fee the Dome can be used for workshop space, shoots, rehearsal space, or sleep over parties.

For guests who stay in the dome, there are outdoor double hot showers, a sink, and a claw foot bathtub.  Also, a complete outdoor kitchen and grill, fridge, sink, and a big fire pit are available for your use.


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