Friends Build Little Cabins Making Their Own Community

Now This is What You Call ‘Life-Long Friendships’


When four couples – all of them friends – wanted to take a break from city life, they decided to build their very own tiny friendship community somewhere in the wilderness of Texas. Being a tiny community, of course it had to follow that they build tiny houses. What the houses look like, however, is something that you won’t expect.



View from the outside… the houses were designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible



Each house is similar in construction to the others, except for a larger ‘community center’ where they can dine together and house any guest wanting to visit



Galvanized metal siding and spray foam insulation help keep the houses cool during the summer months and warm during winter



Sloping roofs help contain rainwater which is diverted into a catch tank for various uses



Inside… you won’t believe how much space they seem to have in these ‘tiny’ dwellings



Modern meets rustic… a place for everything and every thing in its place. Efficient storage and organization solutions make these houses comfortable to  live in even with just 400 sq ft


Makes you want to become a member of the tiny community, eh?!


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