From Time-Worn Shack to Awe-Inspiring Gallery

Project Yellowbell: Lessons from the Masterly Makeover


With the creative minds of the team of Carney Logan Burke Architects and Nanette Mattei Design and the vision of two prolific art collectors, an uninspired traditional log house at Jackson Hole was transformed into a stunning new contemporary gallery and modern living space. The makeover was a mastery of precise spatial reconfiguration and manipulation of the interior finishes.

By simply shedding the old fireplace and the master suite, the living area was immediately enlivened by the abounding natural light and garden views. The worn out floors were replaced with new ebony finish and the old yellow pine cabinetry gave way to new bespoke cabinets in sleek white oak.

Selected log walls were concealed with new drywall to create lighting coves and surfaces for display of art.  The plaster walls were also deliberately made short of full height, as Carney explains, “the exposed logs rising above the plastered surfaces tell the story of what the house once was.”

The alternating plaster and log walls was then artfully unified by an alabaster-white lacquer to brighten up the interior while preserving the rustic charm of the old log walls. The finish was applied with a spray gun, which “delivers a much thinner layer than a brush or roller, in a fraction of the time”. Consequently, “every crack, knot and nail” (of the logs) was articulately preserved.”

Interior designer Sarah Kennedy shares the pros and cons of finishes options for your ideal home makeover:


Pros: Easy and efficient sprayed application that offers consistent, smooth coverage in a single coat

Cons: Tedious preparation – the room needs to be airtight and free of any dust, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Surfaces coated with a colored lacquer will show more scuffmarks too.


Pros: The clear finish maintains character of the original surface and can be easily manipulated to achieve the desired color and opacity. An ebony stain is good for covering imperfections, such as color inconsistencies, difficult-to-hide red wood tones and board grain variations when used on floors.

Cons: Challenging to achieve a consistent look as a stain can take on differently on different species of wood.


Pros: Effectively lightens logs without covering the character and grain of the wood.

Cons: The slightest color variation among logs can create a mismatched look, and red wood tones turn pink. Dirt and dark animal hair have no place to hide.

Yellowbell at Jackson Hole Home is a featured project of the year 2016 in Remodeling Magazine. Take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!



living (Custom)


living2 (Custom)

kitchen (Custom)

Yellowbell_bed (Custom)







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