[VIDEO] A Garden House That’s More Than Just a Garden House

. . . It’s Designed for Many Occasions!


There’s no doubt that a garden on your property adds visual interest that no other part of the house can provide.  Homeowners who love gardening most often have gardens with beautiful, well-tended flowering plants and trees.  Usually a gazebo, a shed or a covered terrace is added to provide a place to relax and enjoy the garden view.  In the featured structure here, a one-of-a kind garden house is designed and created by a son for his beloved mother.  It is ingeniously conceived so that it can also be adjusted to provide an ideal place (within the garden and a view of the pond) for many occasions and activities that the mother engages in.  Take a look at the photos below and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


My mother was looking for a prefab garden house.  When she told me about this I suggested that I would design and build the house for her.  She was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and provided me the next day with an endless wish list of what the house should be like.  All within the 20,000 euro budget and the governmental restriction of a 25 sq,m. footprint.

Just a short version of my mother’s wish list:  A place where she can write her book, a place where she can give a large dinner (25-30 people) in th middle of nature, a place where she can give parties, a BBQ place for friends and family-days, an extra sleeping space for guests, a place where she can feel away from home in her own garden, a ‘camping’ spot, an outdoor/nature experience, a place where she can sun and chill out next to the pond. . .

Well, my mother is a very special kind of person . . . So I was looking for a design with a lot of flexibility, if possible; a design that has the flexibility of clothes.  You should be able to get away with and change layers of the house almost as easily as changing clothes when desired.  The house should allow for the freedom to adjust it to any wish and weather type at any moment.


RESIZED garden house 02

RESIZED garden house 03

RESIZED garden house 04

RESIZED garden house 07





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