Getting to Know a Little About Wood Joinery

A Better Way to Join Wooden Parts Together


An object can be made up of several pieces of wood or lumber.  These wooden parts are joined together using adhesive or glue and metal or steel nails, rivets or screws.  But a homogeneous construction – that is, when all parts are made of the same material – is much sturdier and longer-lasting.  The reason is that steel or metal parts eventually rust, damaging the finish and strength of the wood.  That’s the reason the art and technology of wood joinery and woodworking are still very much around, and are still being practiced by wood craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, and builders.  Expensive wood furniture like an accent chair made of an expensive type of wood is built using only wood joinery.


The following series of short animations will show you some of the simple as well as complicated types of wood joint.  Each has a particular use, which can make the joint simple or intricate.  It may seem unnecessarily complicated at first, but there are reasons for that — to achieve a tighter fit and to resist all possible forces coming from all directions that a wood member or the entire finished object may be subjected to.  Another reason is that the greater the surface contact between the members, the sturdier,  stronger and more resistant to forces the whole object becomes.  Now take a good look at the short animated graphics below – all nine of them – then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!




















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